The Flexibility Whisperer

Have you’ve ever felt that stretching feels painful and boring and the poor results make it seems like a waste of time?

And due to this, you try to rush your stretching to get the results you want faster when suddenly you get reminded you are human and you feel that sting of a muscle tear?

Then I can definitely relate to you!

The problem that all of us face is the limitations of the current forms of stretching available. The main types are Static, (the most common), Dynamic and Traditional PNF. While these systems do have some small benefits, they tackle the problem of flexibility by looking at the muscle from the outside. Essentially, in all cases, they look at forcing the muscle to stretch apart. This is a mindset that may have served us in the past but is far from the best practice out there and will not serve us moving forward.

CRC Flexibility looks at stretching from the inside, from how the muscle works and the mechanisms that allow flexibility and strength to be built. This truly is a revolutionary way of stretching that has superior methods on all fronts. From how the stretch is performed, duration, frequency and timings. There is no stretching system that has any real similarity to it.

I’ve lost count now of the people that have told me they’ve never touched their toes and using CRC Flexibility they are doing it inside 60 seconds. Others have said after a chest stretch that they feel like they have another lung their chest feels so open. Another, an Olympic athlete, after a lower backstretch said his back hadn’t felt this relaxed in 5 years. All clients have said they feel so much lighter in their body and any activity they do is so much easier.

In fact, CRC Flexibility gives you gains in flexibility but also Strength, Speed, Power, Agility, Balance, Posture, Endurance and also improvements in Skill Development. A case study utilising CRC Flexibility has now been peer-reviewed and published in an International Physical Education and Sports Journal. We have a research case study detailing increases of over 40% in flexibility, 10% in power with a maximum of almost 17% and 4.4% in agility. The most intriguing is the increase in power. Dynamic stretching has claimed it helps increase power but it is minimal at best if at all. The reason it is popular as a warmup for athletes is at least it doesn’t reduce power and strength as static stretching has shown it does.

Here is the link.

Even Traditional PNF, which claims to be the most superior system in the world, can’t come close to results like these and the best way I can describe it is, it’s like sitting in a Formula 1 car in a race but you can only ever use 1st gear. That’s how limited Traditional PNF is compared to CRC Flexibility.

The only way to find out is to try it out. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee if I don’t massively improve your flexibility from the first. So far no one has or been able to claim it.

RocketRod Millner Profile – the CRC Creator

Throughout my life and the careers I’ve had I’ve always enjoyed learning, competing, teaching, helping and guiding people to improve their lot. Having such a varied life experience has certainly allowed me to look at all things from a completely unique perspective. Combining the many and varied skills I’ve learned into everything I do has given me the opportunity to succeed in many different areas. Many skills and principles cross over in ways that can be very surprising.

Now in my 50’s, I started training in Kung Fu at 18. I was fighting in the ring within 9 months and my first opponent lasted 20 seconds. I was very focused. Within two years I qualified in the Australian Army Reserve Commando unit. Three years later I suffered a botched knee operation and that was the end of my ring fighting and special forces career. I became a reserve recruit instructor and later an Infantry Officer. At the same time, I started instructing Kung Fu at my school and found a new passion.

1 Commando Company,
1 Commando Regiment, Special Action Forces.

I loved teaching and seeing how young men’s and women’s lives were so positively affected. I further went and studied Exercise Science to see how I could improve how we prepared ourselves. It was here that I found the secret to massively improving flexibility and increasing power throughout the entire range of motion. My two closest friends Lee Stolz and Mark Dolton got the full benefit of this and they both successfully won the Aust Kung Fu Federation title, (Mark Twice) for their weight division.

At the time I never realised what I was creating, I just knew I could quickly improve anyone’s flexibility dramatically and even won bets of cases of beer at Martial Arts training camps in the USA by increasing other martial artists’ side split beyond what they could imagine.

Of all the components of fitness, flexibility is the least to have improvements since the 1950s. Whereas speed, strength and power training methods are advancing almost daily, flexibility hasn’t had an improvement in methodology for over 70 years!

Today’s top athletes are like precision-built Formula One cars. Their bodies are so finely tuned but still using stretching technology from the last century. Most muscle tears are caused through ‘Muscle Shock’, i.e. when too much force is put through a muscle, usually at full stretch. Currently, there are very few flexibility regimes that actually develop the strength of the muscle when it is at full stretch until CRC Flexibility was developed.

The focus was on developing a system that not only reduces injury through overstretch injury but also can increase physical performance. The only way to do that was to develop protocols based initially on the CRAC principle.

It is a complete rethink of how flexibility works and you will be surprised how effective and efficient it is.

So if you prefer to save your time and customise your training to simulate the actions you take in the arena, CRC Flexibility can help.

RocketRod’s other Pursuits

Although I’d developed the early forms of this technique 30 years ago, life has a habit of getting in your way and so I’ve just been developing it on the side and getting deeper into it over the years. Other sports and activities I was into over the years include Thundercat Surf boat racing – so thrilling racing high-speed boats through the surf and we ended up regularly in the top 5 in Australia. Later, Wingsuit skydiving became another passion. I was a test pilot for Jii-Wings and a Birdman Instructor and ended up setting 3 Wingsuit World Records.

One of my other loves is Aussie Abseiling, I’ve taught this for over 30 years mostly just for fun but I have also trained and filmed stuntmen for the film industry.

Preparing generators for night search and rescue Ground Zero, Sept 14, 2001, NYC.

Probably my biggest contribution since leaving the army was in 2001. I was in upstate New York when 9/11 occurred. They asked for construction volunteers on the radio and I knew that is something that I could offer assistance with. I set up and ran the search and rescue lighting for the firefighters. Firefighters really don’t need to know about lighting usually but on this site it was crucial. The area lighting wasn’t working two layers of rubble down. I arranged generators (often pinching them from rear areas when they weren’t looking) and lights to help the search effort. Pretty soon I was given platoons of firefighters to assist me and stayed on-site for 7 days/nights straight. After a steel rod pierced under my kneecap, I knew that was enough and felt I’d help improve the safety and speed of the rescue effort in a little way. Life was very challenging after but you’ve got to keep moving so was a volunteer lifesaver at Bondi beach for a couple of seasons.

Later, finding work as an Advanced Rigger, I’ve worked in very challenging conditions in Mining, Ship Building, Entertainment, Construction, and including, like Comedian Paul Hogan, The Sydney Harbour Bridge! It’s one of the few jobs where at every moment you have to be 100% correct every time as lives are at stake during the rigging process. It keeps you very focused.

Directing ‘Who Pays The Hitman’

I’ve even had the blessing to Direct an Award-Winning feature film which you can see at Probably one of the most fantastic experiences of my life.

Brad (Freddy) Fittler

Brad (Freddy) Fittler is the coach of the mighty NSW State of Origin Rugby League team. Not only is he a legend of the sport and a terrific guy but he will do anything to give his team the edge. He’s often said he’s always looking for that 1% improvement anywhere.

I hope to offer Freddy a method that could improve his team by way more than 1%, time will tell.

The Birth of CRC Flexibility

Designed by an athlete for athletes. Those who take up CRC Flexibility training will create benefits are for all of us. We will be witnessing greater athletic performances from their greatly improved abilities and a real reduction in injuries.

I do hope you enjoy training CRC Flexibility way as I have had to create it. The results will speak for themselves.

CRC Flexibility!

RocketRod Millner

The Flexibility Whisperer